Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bachelor of Architecture – A Promising Career Field in India

Bachelor of Architecture or B. Arch is a five-year graduate course that teaches a student about the designs and principles of architecture. Architecture is counted among the popular branches of engineering in India. This branch offers immense scope and career opportunities in India and abroad as well. With the Government of India adopting the quick developmental policy to make India a developed nation, the number of construction and housing projects are on a rise in the country. This creates many good opportunities for architects in the private and public sector. That is to say, the future is promising in the field of architecture in India.

It is a wise decision to enroll for an architecture course in India at present because the scope in this field is going to rise immensely in the country. Your success in this field depends upon your passion for the field. If you are really passionate about building design, then many good opportunities are waiting for you. Currently, there are not as much architects in India as there is demand for them; this demand is going to rise going ahead. So, the demand supply forces will play their role to increase the salary packages in the field of architecture.

But there are many other advantages that this field offers. It has been proved by several studies that the profession of architect enjoys a high job-satisfaction rate. People in this profession consider their work valuable and contributing to the development of society. Knowing this, they get satisfaction in their work, which is a very important thing to work happily in any field.

Architects are considered as the designers of civilization and hence the profession of architect is seen with respect by the society. This is a very important factor as this provides you with happiness and gives pride for your profession.

A B. Arch may work for an organization in the beginning to gain perfection over the nitty-gritty of the profession. Later, he may decide to work as a self-employed by opening his own office. If he manages to get some good clients through his work, then he could earn a very handsome amount. Working for self also provides more freedom, flexibility and control on what you do.

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